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Self Directed IRA LLC

Are you tired of the restrictions and fees the traditional Self Directed IRA custodians are putting on your retirement? Do you want to make a change in what you are investing your IRA in? Do you want more Self Directed IRA investment options? Are you looking for a reasonably priced option as opposed to the outrageously priced attorney groups and IRA facilitators? Would you prefer to pay $195 rather than $3,000, $4,000 or more? Are you ready for a Truly Self Directed IRA? Then you need the Self Directed IRA LLC.

Pay only $195 and do it yourself today. No need to pay someone else thousands of dollars to set up the Self Directed IRA LLC for you. You can do it yourself and we give you everything you need for the Self Directed IRA LLC in the state where you will be doing your investing. Get your IRA on the right path today.

The Self Directed IRA LLC allows for:

  • Total Checkbook Control: You are the signer on the checks; no need to get the custodian involved or ask for permission when you use the Self Directed IRA LLC.
  • Reduced Custodial Fees: You will no longer have to pay transactional costs for each move you make when you use the Self Directed IRA LLC.
  • Absolute Decision Making Power: You make the investment decisions. No need to ask anyone for permission. You are the decision maker with the Self Directed IRA LLC.
  • Asset Protection: Asset Protection of your Self Directed IRA from Creditors and Litigators.
  • Investment Choices: Real Estate, tax liens, tax deeds, stocks, options - the sky’s the limit with the Self Directed IRA LLC.
  • Investment Diversification: Reduce risk and increase profits for your retirement.
  • Absolute Affordable Solution: Finally, a solution that is affordable! Less than a tenth of the cost of an IRA facilitator
  • What is a Self Directed IRA LLC? It is your ability to control how your IRA is invested. It is the ability to invest your IRA your way. But where do you begin and how can Terex Solutions, Inc. help me obtain investment freedom? 

    There are IRA Custodians who profess that if you open an Self Directed IRA account with them, you will have a Self Directed IRA. These Self Directed IRA custodians allow you to buy non-traditional investments. But you still have to get permission from the custodian prior to any investment. This causes several problems. You do not have checkbook control; therefore, any time sensitive investment doesn’t work. What real estate deal isn’t time sensitive? And what about tax liens and tax deeds? Doesn’t it make more sense to have the authority to write the check right on the courthouse steps? Not to mention the fees that the custodians charge.

    You can structure your Self Directed IRA LLC so that you obtain absolute checkbook control. You acquire a checkbook where you are the signer. You don’t need to go to the custodian or anyone else to write a check. When you find that great investment, you write the check immediately. It is that simple.

    You also have total investment decision making power over your Self Directed IRA LLC. You are able to capitalize on your research and expertise rather than relying on others. And who has the vested interest in your retirement money? A broker, custodian or you? You should be the one making the decisions.

    If you have a Self Directed IRA custodian, do you feel like you are drowning in fees? Terex Solutions, Inc. can potentially save you thousands a year in fees. No longer will you have to pay the custodian for every move you make.

    Our Self Directed IRA LLC Kit will structure your Self Directed IRA and show you how to get total control over your retirement money so that you can invest Your Retirement plan Your Way!


    Self Directed IRA LLC